About Us

About Us

CUABAR Barcelona SL is an international company, based in Barcelona, Spain. We have more than 30 years of experience on international trade. We produce and commercialize different types of products, belonging to diverse business areas.

CUABAR offers a big variety of products with a certified quality. We use the highest standards for both the materials and the processes involved in the manufacture of the products. We always offer a good value for money independently of the product´s price of the segment. All these features, together with a strong investment in development and innovation make CUABAR BARCELONA SL a leading company in the international trade field.


CUABAR Barcelona SL business model is based on 5 pillards:

- Quality at highest standards. All our products are made in Europe.

- Best prices compared to similar products.

- Finance. Possibility to finance purchases up to 1 year .

- Long expiry dates. Most of our products have, at least, 12 months shelf-life.

- Marketing. Free of charge marketing material included in each order.


Our distillery was founded in 1875 with the aim of creating and manufacturing liqueurs and distillates for selling at the Spanish market.Taking advantage of the tourists boom of the 60´s, our first revolution took place, we industrialized the distillery in order to adapt it to new, changing times so as to be able to faster market more products to our customers. We became renowned within the HORECA sector, gaining a foothold in the national market.

In 2007, as result of our continuous achievements and improvements in the industry, we built a new distillery adapted to the new requirements and being fully in compliance with all the ECC legislation and EU quality standards. We are accredited with IFS, and thanks to that, we are able to manufacturate for the main distribution groups at national and international level.

Our current volume places us as one of the main manufacturers of alcoholic in the Spanish market, being present in most large retail chains, both with our own brands and with private labels.